“The movie is Underwater Dreams… Order it now!” – Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report.   Stephen interviews Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez on The Colbert Report.  (For just the interview, click here.)

“The awards-worthy “Underwater Dreams” is by turns rousing and heartbreaking, and organically touches on important social issues” – Michael Ordoña, The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Those scraggly Latino kids on the corner you might think are thugs could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg if given half a chance. To understand why that’s more than a platitude, check out Underwater Dreams, a seemingly modest human interest film that may be the most politically significant documentary since Waiting for Superman... It should also be seen in every high school in the country, where it will inspire thousands of kids, and in Congress, where it might just jolt a few politicians out of their stupor and help them see young people for who they are, and who they can be. – Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast.   

“The year is just half over, but already a contender for best documentary of 2014 is looming with Mary Mazzio’s Underwater Dreams. What starts out as a high-school competition study—compelling enough on its own, as so many of these like-themed films are—pulls a breathtaking fast one in its second half, expanding its basic inspirational theme to embrace an even larger message, with an organic efficacy that is nothing short of astonishing. – David Noh, Film Journal.

“Moving and insightful…   The two teams reunite toward the end of the movie in a spirited gathering held earlier this year at MIT at which the onetime competitors again build and race underwater robots. The differing paths taken over the past decade by the Carl T. Hayden Community High School grads and the MIT alumni prove a telling snapshot of our nation’s class and cultural divide.  Comments by student advisors, parents of the main Carl Hayden alumni, the high school’s more recent robotics students and immigration activists, along with narration by actor Michael Peña (“Cesar Chavez”) rounds out this moving and insightful piece. – Gary Goldstein, The Los Angeles Times.

“Modest yet meaningful, “Underwater Dreams” has a political point of view, shining light on underground Americans who deserve recognition. One of the aftermath scenes has some Carl Hayden graduates, now activists, stopping a bus filled with immigrants who are being returned to Mexico; a contrasting image from this month, of anti-immigration protesters stopping a bus of new arrivals in Murrieta, Calif., starkly reinforces this film’s contribution to a continuing dialogue.”  David Dewitt, The New York Times

“Very inspirational… it’s a wonderful story and shows you what these kids are capable of… At first I thought this was two separate documentaries but they way she wove it together works… it’s so resonant, so timely.  – Claudia Puig, USA Today’s film critic on KPCC’s Air Talk with Larry Mantle. Click here to listen.

“It’s outstanding” – Wade Major, film critic on KPCC’S Air Talk with Larry Mantle.  Click here to listen.

“I have become highly skeptical of immigration movies…Immigration rights is a “hot topic,” and while more and more projects have become real movies and even Oscar winners, very little has happened when it comes to real immigration reform…Perhaps that real action will soon become reality now that Underwater Dreams is in this world. This past Friday night, I was invited to a free screening of Mary Mazzio’s exquisite film hosted by #DreaMIT, a new immigrant rights group founded by MIT students…When I was informed that the key members of #DreaMIT would be publicly announcing that they are MIT students who happen to be undocumented, I knew the night would be historic.

Here is my review: Just go see this film. This film had it all, included narration by Michael Peña. It was a documentary, but it was dramatic, hilarious, poignant, real, moving and inspirational…All the Rebeldes are rooting for #UnderwaterDreams. This film is that important. And in case you’re still wondering, my skepticism has officially dissolved.” – Julio Ricardo Varela, Latino Rebels

“Without being heavy-handed, the film easily portrays problems with our current system for undocumented immigrants…One of the most painful parts of the movie was the sequence where the students who won the robotics competition in 2004 were reunited with their competitors from MIT…The scene underscores how a lack of documents leads to a lack of opportunity – even for brilliant budding engineers…The four students winning the competition is the beginning of the story and not the end. After their success, scores of Carl Hayden students – some documented, some not, but all Latino – have entered and excelled in the national robotics competition. These students are in the process of demolishing the myth that math, science, and engineering are only the realm of white and wealthy. I hope that more students of color watch the documentary…” – James Mejia, La Voz Colorado

“This is the most important and moving film I have seen in years.” – Jonathan Alter, NBC News correspondent – at Aspen Ideas Festival.

“I loved what we saw so far…” Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe.  

Parade‘s Lola Méndez highlights Underwater Dreams in their guide of 20 LatinX TV Shows, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to “Add to Your List.”

“Bright Futures Limited by Legal Status – Raul A. Reyes, NBC NewsClick here for the article and video.

“This film is awesome.   I defy anyone to  watch it and not have their minds changed…. The answer is films like yours…” – Pete Dominick, StandUPPeteDominick,  XM  Sirius Radio

“Film Follows Dream of 4 Young US Hispanics” – Luis Alonso Lugo, Associated Press

“It so inspirational” – Rebecca Kesby, BBC World Update.

John Berman interviews Mary Mazzio and the team on CNN’s @This Hour.

“Education is the great equalizer.” – Jeb Bush, Jr. speaks with Jackie Lyden on NPR News

“We need people like them and we need people like you.” – Pedro Andrade on ABC’s FusionLive.

“It’s rare to find anything that’s embraced by both the right and the left. Especially anything about immigration. But that’s exactly the case with the new documentary “Underwater Dreams.” It got a run on left-leaning MSNBC Sunday and before that it was screened at the right-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce office in San Francisco. – Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle.

“You have to learn how to dream…” – Michael Pena speaking to Jessie Katz, The Hollywood Reporter.

“beautiful” – Juan Caceres, Indie Wire – Latino Buzz.

“Immigrant Underdog Story with a Sobering Ending” – Lucia I. Suarez – Fox News Latino.  Click here for the article and interview with Mary Mazzio.

MSNBC article and promo for Underwater Dreams.

NPR’s Here and Now with Steve Goldstein interviews Mary Mazzio. Click here for the interview.

“Captivating and inspirational” – James McDonald, RedCarpetCrash.comClick here to read the review.

“Underwater Dreams Review: A Triumph for for America’s Greatest Underdogs.  (Four star review.)  – Christopher Campbell, NonFics.  Click here to read the article.

“Tale of Phoenix Robots Champs” – Jude Joffe-Black, NPRClick here to listen to her report.

“You didn’t find two needles in the haystack,” Kamen said. “You found a stack of needles. They are all sharp. All they needed was a little guidance, a little support. “ Let’s hope the release of “Underwater Dreams” leads to more schools uncovering more of these needles. – John Bare, CNN.comClick here to read the article.

Mazzio has created a passionate, gripping and at times heartbreaking tale of highs and lows… Impressively keeping her focus even when Underwater veers away from the narrative of the competition to channel the difference a decade can make, Mazzio works in humanistic advocacy while always steering it back to the students of the school as opposed to taking the film in an overly political direction… While Dreams begins with a simple hook to reel us in, it definitely stimulates thought on a deeper level by the end. A great companion to other similarly themed next-generation competition and education-centric documentaries including Mad Hot Ballroom and SpellboundUnderwater is a cautiously optimistic portrait sure to inspire and influence as well as grow into a greater word-of-mouth hit as more people track it down. – Jen Johans, Film Intuition. Click here to read the review.

“Inspirational teacher – chronicled in new documentary – helps poor Hispanic students bridge achievement gap, conquer MIT ” – Terry Greene Sterling, Al-Jazeera. Click here to read the article.

“Mary Mazzio’s brief but touching pic about five Latin high school boys from an impoverished, landlocked town in Arizona who enter a NASA/Navy sponsored underwater robotics competition, taking on titans like MIT with Exxon sponsorship behind them, percolates with keen social insight that otherwise might have gotten lost in a rote, can-do underdog story. The two high school teachers who sought the opportunity decided to compete on the collegiate level because the disappointment of finishing far back would be mollified by the daunting impressiveness of the field. Had this been a Hollywood “based on” adaptation or a Hallmark fantasy, the David vs. Goliath drama would seem trumped up, maudlin and implausible, but as a straight-up documentary with talking heads from both sides of the engineering contest (the Arizona five and the vast MIT squad), it’s head-on, unadulterated and far more affecting than anything that could have been hatched in a studio lab” –  Tom Meek, Paste Magazine. Click here to read the review.

“An inspiring documentary about an underdog high school robotics team that took on M.I.T. in a national competition, this is likely to get tweens and teens fired up about science. Bravo!” – Common Sense Media, naming Underwater Dreams one of the Best Family Movies of 2014, alongside The Lego Movie, Boyhood, Selma, Birdman, and others.

“Filmmaker Mary Mazzio’s documentary “Underwater Dreams” is wildly inspirational. Four Arizona high school students, the children of impoverished Mexican migrant workers, enter a high-profile underwater robotics contest, show extraordinary ingenuity in building an underwater robot with their extremely limited resources and compete against MIT and other engineering powerhouses; and take top honors! They’re delightful kids, and their story – as well as their robot – is a winner. Michael Pena narrates.” – Jennifer Merin, Film Critic, WeNews. Click here to read the review.

“It’s surprisingly emotional to see men in their 20s admit that, until high school, they had no idea they could make something of themselves in the world, that in a world of negative stereotypes and messages, their robotics instructors stand out as rare beacons of hope and encouragement.”  (A four star review.) – Common Sense MediaClick here for the review.

“A few of us had seen one of the best documentary films of the year.  Oscar worthy… – Julie Kantor, Huffington PostClick here to read the article.

Underwater Dreams highlights the talent the U.S. could lose if Congress does not address our country’s broken immigration system.” – Zenen Jaimes Perez, Generation ProgressClick here for the article.

Underwater Dreams makes the need for STEM education more clear…”- Lauren Landry, Boston Globe – Boston InnovationClick here for the article.

“As David and Goliath stories go, it’s a good one…” – Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein, Boston GlobeClick here for the article. 

“Really  beautifully crafted for the most part. I especially enjoyed the un-stuffiness of the interviews, music, and narration coupled with high quality production. The film captures powerful, emotional moments, and moves with a wonderful pace. It has a warmth of heart to it…  A-.  Ross Anthony, Hollywood Report Card. Click here to read the review.

” I recommend seeing this documentary…. The teachers and advisors who brought it all together and gave the competitors confidence and praise they never got at home or anywhere else is a reminder to each of us that it’s important to inspire and support our young people as much as we can… With that in mind, to the makers of Underwater Dreams and everyone involved, I say, “You did a good job.” – Mark Buckingham, Cinema Sentries.

To watch the MSNBC promo for Underwater Dreams click here

Mary Mazzio’s MSNBC Op Ed

MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart discusses Underwater Dreams on MSNBC with Lorenzo Santillan, Luis Aranda, and Cristian Arcega.  Click here for the interview.

MSNBC’s twitter chat with Mary Mazzio, Maria Theresa Kumar of Voto Latino, and others during the telecast of Underwater Dreams on MSNBC and Telemundo.

See coverage of Underwater Dreams by Azucena Cierco on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo

See coverage of Underwater Dreams by Telemundo’s Madelyn Rodriguez

See coverage of Underwater Dreams by Telemundo’s Suelta La Sopa and Un Nuevo Dia

“A gentleman I just spoke with was in tears…” Ashleigh Barry, AZ Family.  See also coverage on Fox News 10 Phoenix,  ABC 15And also PBS Horizonte.

“Sure, there is a message in the movie – and it’s a good one we all need to hear – but it’s wrapped up in such an entertaining underdog story that you won’t even notice you’ve been enlightened by  the end… There’s more to the story – a lot more – but the true joy of Underwater Dreams is discovering it for yourself.” – John Black, Color Magazine. 

See coverage in Monsters and Critics.  See coverage by Telemundo.

“In Underwater Dreams, four undocumented students did the impossible…” – Griselda Nivarez, VOXIIClick here for the article.

See coverage of on KUER Salt Lake City’s radio show, RadioWest, with David Fabrizio.

“Narratives are helpful because they contain progress; stories are powerful when they contain hope.” – Natasha B, MIT’ 16. Click here for the article.

“it is a powerful, inspirational film which demonstrates there is a vast untapped reservoir of human potential in this country.” – Robert Roten, Laramie Movie Scope.

“Viewing the documentary prompted undocumented MIT students to form the group DreaMIT.” –Matt Juul, To see the webcast of the screening event, click here. For the link to the MIT Tech article about the screening, click here.

Underwater Dreams screens to rave reviews at the Napa Valley Film Festival: “David vs. Goliath Film Showcased in Napa” – Richard Freedman, The Reporter

Underwater Dreams premiere in Atlanta:  click here 

“In this corner: a team of robotics engineers from MIT. In the other corner: four sons of undocumented immigrants from Phoenix, Arizona, bearing a robot made with parts from Home Depot. Mary Mazzio’s documentary, narrated by Michael Peña, tells an irresistible underdog story — one with an unexpectedly tart coda that doesn’t sugarcoat the inequities of class and opportunity.” – Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene

Underwater Dreams featured in Bustle: “12 Documentaries About Immigrants That’ll Educate and Affect You


“Honored to host #underwaterdreams with the #STEM Council last night @museumofscience. Go see the film. @marymazzio” – Rep. Joe Kennedy III (via twitter @RepJoeKennedy)

“We can’t afford to not include the full array of talent out there… this film is a marvelous job of storytelling… – John Holdren, Senior Science Advisor to President Obama – White House

“Worth seeing #UnderwaterDreams, a moving, funny & important film, playing @AMCTheatres in LA & NY… “ –Chelsea Clinton (via twitter @ChelseaClinton)

“Must watch #UnderwaterDreams. A phenomenal documentary by @marymazzio about H.S. Latino Robotics Team who beat MIT in the competition. #genius” -Judy Reyes, actress & star of Scrubs

“TONIGHT: @marymazzio and Oscar Vazquez from the new documentary, ‘Underwater Dreams.’ @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c.” –Stephen Colbert (via twitter @StephenAtHome)

“Thank you Mary for making such a wonderful & poignant movie, one of the best I’ve seen in some time. Best of luck.” –James McDonald (via twitter @IrishFilmCritic)

“Your film will help change the course of history. ..I loved your film and I will never be able to thank you enough or express with words how grateful I am by you honoring our struggle and dreams by telling so beautifully the story of the Carl Hayden’s ROV team.” – Gaby Pacheco,

“I just HAVE TO tell you what an amazing impact Underwater Dreams and Fredi and Lorenzo had at Pace Academy today – it was truly incredible. One of my students stopped me at lunch to say it was one of the most meaningful assemblies they have ever seen. [The students] formulated questions about how patently unfair it seemed that Lorenzo’s talent was unrewarded by the American system — it was both painful and enlightening — the awakening of democracy in the hearts of many of our students. And the story is just as powerful and real as they come.” – Fred Assaf, Pace Academy Headmaster (Atlanta)

Underwater Dreams is a life changing film for young scholars and adults. I am very grateful my scholars had this opportunity to watch this film because it inspired them to learn about science, go to a university, work as a team, and not be afraid to try…In less than two hours, more students made a promise to ‘do better’ in school and more parents gained hope for their children.” – Belen Garcia, Vice Principal at Adelaide Price Elementary School

“This was a wonderful, encouraging, movie done tastefully and succinctly. Thank you for your focus, and sensitivity.” Glenda (via Amazon)

“Great movie. Was so happy both my kids were able to see this today. What started about kids and robots and ended up as a legacy that all these men can be proud of. Thank you for giving a face to undocumented students, and showing that success is not about how much money, nor what degree or even what college you attend. But rather what we can do to inspire and serve others is a true mark of success. Thank you for bringing this to our students!…I feel this story is continuing to be written.” – Shaina Cook (From the Napa Valley Film Festival, via Facebook)

“@marymazzio We’re excited to share Underwater Dreams is one of the Best Family Movies of 2014! ” – Common Sense Media (via twitter @CommonSense)

“Best movie I’ve seen In a long time!” – Pan de Vida (via twitter @PandeVida)

“Best movie of the year!” – Shawna Fletcher, Women in Engineering at OSU (via twitter @fletchercarey)

“Please watch the documentary #UnderwaterDreams and truly see how this is the start of helping our country #ImmigrationAction” – Jamie (via twitter @JamieGall1930)

“Just watched Underwater Dreams and it’s damn good!” – Daniel Negri (via facebook)

“The Chicago Día de los Niños organization would like to sincerely thank you for selecting us to host the screening of the documentary “Underwater Dreams.” We had a full house of parents, elementary, high school and university students, and educators. They all walked away feeling committed, impacted or moved by this powerful documentary. You helped us succeed with our mission…to advocate for children through educational and cultural programs and activities” – Luz Maria Solis, President.

“Watch #UnderwaterDreams on #NBCLearn. Truly an inspirational documentary for students & teachers! #inspiration#loveit” –Cyndy Harrison (via twitter @CyndyNBCLearn)

“A must-see, the doc film #UnderwaterDreams…” – Arthur Blank Family Foundation (via twitter @BlankFoundation)

“Finally saw my friend Mary Mazzio’s fantastic ‘Underwater Dreams’ at the Napa Valley Film Festival this weekend. The documentary, about a group of undocumented high school students from Arizona who beat MIT in an underwater robotics competition, is inspiring, funny, enraging and surprising. As a woman at one screening said, ‘I thought I was going to see a nerdy robot movie and I ended up crying in my seat.’ It’s a must-see, especially for middle-and high-school kids.” – Kelli Anderson (Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated)

“It should be required viewing for all members of Congress.” – Angie Kelley, Center for American Progress.

“So thankful that people like @falconmaster choose to teach, and that people like @marymazzio choose to tell the story of #UnderWaterDreams” –Chris Peterson (via twitter @peteyreplies)

“It was an awesome documentary, it opened my eyes and showed the reality about undocumented youth in the United States. It would be great for film makers to continue creating documentaries like this one, so that people can understand and hear the struggles and stories of many communities who have been ignored and oppressed.” – Audrey Larocca, college student.

“Silverado Middle School 6th grade was there. A BIG BIG thank you for allowing our kids to see, to think outside the box. You guys are impacting the Latino and American community BIG TIME.” – Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn (From Napa Valley Film Festival, via Facebook)

“Ignites pride and hope for the next generation who are TRULY CHANGING the world despite socioeconomic and political barriers. This documentary is an inspiration and an excellent example of true courage that will bring you to your feet and light a fire to take action in your own community. THANK YOU for making this film and more importantly THANK YOU to these inspirational students and teachers for making the world a better place.” – SD is not functional (a reviewer on iTunes)

“Excellent documentary. Inspiring and heartbreaking. Opened my eyes to the plight of undocumented people.”  Kathbarb (via Amazon)

“Just saw #UnderwaterDreams @NapaFilmFest. Beyond impressed with these men & w/ @marymazzio for bringing their story to the screen for #NVFF14” – Kira Wojack (via twitter @KiraWo)

“Love the message of #UnderWaterDreams: young people will raise to the level of expectation, regardless of poverty or immigration status.” –Diana Albarron Chicas, Latina MIT engineer (via twitter @DAlbarronChicas)

Underwater Dreams (2014) is a stunning movie (A) #DallasCritic” – Lilith Mammalla (via twitter @LilithMammalla)

“It was really fantastic.  Several of my students were crying during moments of the film, they were really touched… I was most moved by the scene of the team visiting MIT and discussing their different pathways – the extreme contrast in opportunities between these two groups… [it] was meaningful for my students to be able to experience with greater empathy…” – Teacher from San Francisco Screening.

“Great, story about cooperation without boundaries. The teachers are amazing!” Hamida (via Amazon)

“I strongly encourage all to watch this superbly done documentary. It depicts a group of students and teachers in Phoenix and how they have been able to overcome the odds and change the culture in their community, and become a role model to all.” – Marcos Garciaacosta (Business Development Manager at Intel, via Linkedin)

“I used to be upset of what culture I came from, I hated the way I looked and the way my family spoke wishing I had blonde hair blue eyes and light skin. This went on for a long period of time though I was keeping it secretly inside. A few years later my oldest sibling took a class, she always came home with new things to tell me slowly convincing me of how beautiful my culture was and why I should be proud of it. It didn’t take long for her words of wisdom to teach me that I don’t have to be a blond hair blue eyed to reach my goals, I could do everything I set my mind to. I soon became proud of my culture and the film I had watched, “Underwater Dreams” movie made me think of things beyond I had thought before that I could do, “Hey, if they can do it why can’t I?” I said. This movie inspired me and I hope I can inspire the next generation to come that ANYTHING is possible no matter your race or culture, just keep going.” – Emily, age 14 (watching with 1000 middle school students in Napa, CA)

“What a great documentary, thank you for telling this story. @MaryMazzio @JebBushJr @BezosFoundation. #UnderWaterDreams #LATISM #CIR” –Steve Alfaro (via twitter @stevealfaro)

“Such a fantastic film and fantastic story. I cried from intro to credits…both from inspiration and heartbreak! As an FRC mentor it was amazing to watch the journey. Thanks for sharing the story with us.” –Megan Willingham (via Facebook)

“Humbling to hear from sine if the cast of #UnderwaterDreams at tonight’s screening. This film is a game-changer” –Lindsay Hall (via twitter @LinsaySHall)

“Thx @marymazzio It’s an awesome film!  #underwaterdreams” – DC School Reform (via twitter @dcschoolreform)

“Shout out to @marymazzio for making #UnderwaterDreams. My takeaway was that a little bit of #courage goes a long way.” –Quinton McAruthur, Associate Director of Admissions at MIT (via twitter @Mr_McArthurMIT)

“The hardest obstacle the Carl Hayden HS students had was low and wrong expectations” #UnderWaterDreams #NCLR14” –Stephanie Parra (via twitter @stephParra08)

“Underwater Dreams is a fabulous documentary that’s about so much more than a robotics competition #NVFF14” – Dr. Siobhan O’Dwyer (via twitter @Siobhan_ODwyer)

“Well done #film @MaryMazzio #UnderwaterDreams -These Undocumented Teens Outsmarted MIT” – Carey Lohrenz (via twitter @CareyLohrenz)

“Mil gracias a @Telemundo for screening #UnderwaterDreams at #SHPE2014. Our #SHPEFamilia loved it!” – SHPE National (via twitter @SHPE)

“Just came out of the #UnderwaterDreams screening at MIT feeling motivated.” –Katherine Asuncion (via twitter @BasicallyKaty)

“Truly touched by #UnderwaterDreams but more importantly how this story, this film has inspired a younger generation #nvff14” – Jamie  (via twitter @JamieGall1930)

“what a wonderful experience – what a wonderful film. I am so proud of you! ” – Marty Klein, inventor of the Side Scan Sonar

“Mucha emoción en el screening de #UnderWaterDreams en Linden, Nj #telemundo47 #STEM #latinos” –Telemundo 47 (via twitter@Telemundo47)

“It’s stories like #UnderwaterDreams that need to be told, for our students, our communities, for justice. There’s still so much work to do” –Jennie Carey (via twitter @JennieConnect)

“Let’s be real: seeing young Latin@ high school students showing a love of science on film is beyond powerful. #UnderwaterDreams #DreaMIT” – Julio Ricardo Varela (via twitter @julito77)

“#UnderwaterDreams such an inspiring film. Never underestimate your abilities. You could beat MIT” – Porscha Silva (via twitter @PorschaSilva)

“We held our first screening last Thursday and WOW, amazing documentary! So many take aways, and my hope is that we can help you in encouraging every teacher, parent, and student in America to watch!” –Erin McCallum, Washington FIRST Robotics

“#Underwaterdreams made me want to do my math homework” –Cesar Arce (via twitter @csirrr_)

“Folks, find a way to watch Underwater Dreams. Just an incredible evening of humanity and community at MIT tonight. People are powerful” – Victor Lesniewski (via facebook, at the MIT screening in October 2014)

“Thank you guys for such an inspirational film. It has motivated me in many, many ways. Thank you guys so much #underwaterdreams” – Dessire Garcia (via twitter @garcia_dessire)

“Because I was able to make it where I want to go, I want to make sure I speak up for the rest of those 2 million people” – Jose Gomez, Undocumented MIT student on the panel at the MIT screening of Underwater Dreams.

“Not just beating the odds, but changing the odds: #UnderwaterDreams moving documentary film. Check it out.” –Laysha Ward (via twitter @LayshaWard)

“Fantastic #documentary at #NVFF14 on a team of undocumented youth beating MIT at #robotics” – Winnow Research Studio (via twitter @WinnowResearch)

“#Arizona, your #immigrant stories deserve to win  ” –Carmen Cornejo (via twitter @DesertCarmen)

“Because no dream is too unreal. Watch #UnderwaterDreams and be inspired! @marymazzio” – Gaetane Francisco (via twitter @gucimazecoji)

“Fabulously done documentary on some truly incredible men. The documentary shows the difference that where you start in life can make on your future prospects.” SE (via Amazon)

“#UnderwaterDreams has been so powerful and opened my eyes to the dreamer movement – if you have the chance, definitely watch the documentary.” –Alisha Ukani (via twitter @AlishaUkani)

“Final composite score for Mary Mazzio’s doc ‘Underwater Dreams’ from AMC Theaters: A+/4 #indies” – Michael L. Weissman (via twitter @MichaelLWeissmn)

“Finally saw UD today…amazing!!!! Absolutely loved it. Phone the Academy. Go Mazz!” – F.j. Gould (via facebook)

“Amazing! Inspiring! And breath taking! #UnderwaterDreams” –Brenda Ramirez (via twitter @ayee_ramirez)

“This film raises powerful issues about access and opportunity.” –Kim VanDiver, Dean of Undergraduate Research at MIT

“Very good presentation. Glad they showed also the difficulty undocumented young people have to continue their education. A mind is a terrible thing to waste no matter how they came to be in this country.” Jeri Fontaine (via Amazon)

“Thank you @marymazzio for beautifully capturing the reality of undocumented Americans in #UnderwaterDreams #DreaMIT” –Ting (via twitter @happilybeing)

“The film was incredible! Inspiring, touching, moving. I teared up during some scenes and several students admitted they cried.” – Cheryl Ann Park , Century High School teacher

“If you have not seen Underwater Dreams, encourage you to watch it. Awesome documentary #underwaterdreams” – Jim Gill (via twitter @jimmygill) 

“#underwaterdreams must see!” – Kevin Gonzalez (via twitter @keving10714)

“Because no dream is too unreal. Watch #UnderwaterDreams and be inspired! @marymazzio ” – Journeys in Film (via twitter @JourneysinFilm)

“#UnderwaterDreams must watch” – Adrian Ramos (via twitter @adrianminecraf3)

“The most inspiring film I watched today was #underwaterdreams. Meeting them in person was even more amazing!!!” – Gloria L Valentine (via twitter @glovalentine)

“I thought it was inspirational and encouraging. It shows to keep on going no matter the obstacles in your way. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.” –Jaylene Anaya, grade 11 student at Century High School

“A fantastic and inspiring story: Underwater Dreams, A Mary Mazzio Gig #underwaterdreams” –Daniel Merchan (via twitter @dmerchand)

“An experience that makes us realize that we can reach our goals #underwaterdreams #movietheater” – Ambar Larancuent (via twitter @AJ_Larancuent)

“Highly recommend #UnderwaterDreams, a moving, powerful documentary that shines a light on US failure to support undocumented students.” –Gregory Michie (via twitter @GregoryMichie)

“Just saw Underwater Dreams! It was such a great film! It’s comedic and inspirational : ) #underwaterdreamers” –Yuks (via twitter @Yuks2013)

“Completely moved by the film #UnderwaterDreams @MIT – an amazing story about today’s most important civil rights issue.” – Aditi Mehta (via twitter @AditaMehta12)

“One of the most inspirational movies/documentaries you will ever see #UnderwaterDREAMS @LayshaWard” – Juan Galarraga (via twitter @TargetJuan)

“At #UnderwaterDreams screening at #NVFF14 Incredible story and great movie!” – Lisa Stockwell (via twitter @lisastockwell)

“Watched the #UnderwaterDreams movie yesterday as a team. Truly an awesome, inspiring film! If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out.” – Brooklyn Blacksmiths (via twitter @FRC80)

“@marymazzio Saw you on Colbert a few months ago. The documentary on the Carl Hayden HS science team was really excellent.” –Phil Motta (via twitter @Phil_Motta)

“‘Underwater Dreams’ (2014) is a terrific movie (A) #AhiMovieReviews <nds3eu>” – Gertrude Salsberg (via twitter @GertrudeSalsber)

#UnderwaterDreams is one of the most moving documentaries I’ve ever seen.” – Douglas Bowles (via twitter @doubowles)

“Robotics teaches problem solving. #underwaterdreams is the story of Dreamers who want to solve America’s problems #ImmigrationReform” – Melisa Franzen (via twitter @MelisaFranzen)

“Go rent Underwater Dreams. Now.” – Moses of Io (via twitter @OtherOrbScience)

Underwater Dreams inspired me to get into a good college. It also inspired me to follow my dream job. This inspired me to try even more. This even inspired my brother to become an engineer.” -One of the students from Adelaide Price Elementary School. Click here and here to see more reviews from the students at Adelaide Price Elementary School.

“The movie taught me that anything is possible and to never stop dreaming. Anything is possible no matter what your background is.” –Marco Santamaria, Century High School student.

“‘Underwater Dreams’ (2014) is an unforgettable movie (A) #AhiMovieReviews <ngsqe3>” – Gertrude Salsberg (via twitter @GertrudeSalsber)

“#UnderwaterDreams BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! SO INSPIRATIONAL AS WELL!!!” –Jesenia Huitron (via twitter @Deadloxette)

“Just inspiring! The documentary is well balanced between the achievement of the underwater competition and the current struggles on immigration.” – EJ (via Amazon)

“Great story that on the surface is about an underdog team of high schoolers. The profound lesson on the U.S. immigration situation is the true stunner.”  Kathleen Masters (via Amazon)

“Inspirational! This movie needs to be seen by all educators and those involved with young people. What challenges they overcame! It’s informative, educational and very humorous. I’m so glad I bought it to share with others.”   S.E. Schneider via (Amazon)

“Excellent!! What an inspiring story! Well told by the documentary film staff . I am hoping that there is a follow up movie a few years from now. Tell your friends and family about this movie.”  Monica Viteri-Giordano (via Amazon)


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SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 – Everywhere.  AMC Theatres hosted community screenings across the U.S. to enable school and non-profit groups to enjoy the film on the big screen this summer and fall.

JULY 18 – AUGUST 1, 2014
AMC Arizona Center 24

JULY 11-17, 2014
New York and Los Angeles
AMC Empire 25 – NYC
AMC Burbank 6

July 20 , 2014:  Special presentation of a television version of the film, broadcast simultaneously in English and Spanish on MSNBC and Telemundo  at 1pm EST.


White House – Screening at the White House to launch National Robotics Week.

Viacom/EPIX – Screening at MPAA headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Congressmen Joe Kennedy, Tony Cardenas, and Joaquin Castro in attendance.

The Colbert Report – Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez appear on The Colbert Report.

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) – Screening with Chelsea Clinton moderating and Governor Hickenlooper making remarks.

AMC Theatres – Screening hosted by AMC Theatres, NBCUniversal, and the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund to kick off the theatrical release of the film. Michael Pena and Mary Mazzio in attendance.

Aspen Ideas Festival – Screening moderated by Jonathan Alter (NBC).

White HouseUnderwater Dreams team invited to the 2014 and 2015 White House Science fair.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Silicon Valley) – Screening with Mary Mazzio and Jeb Bush, Jr. in attendance.

Google – Screening at their Mountainview headquarters for employees and local schools.

Center for American Progress – Screening hosted by CAP, the National Immigration Forum, and Mary Mazzio and Jeb Bush, Jr. in attendance.

Target – Screening at their Minneapolis headquarters for employees and educators.

The Duke Endowment – Screening hosted by Davidson College and Red Ventures.

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